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  1. Astu1986

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    i just bought a 95 silverado Z71 w 187,000 miles the truck will not reverse and has a had time coming out of first gear, i have to take it over 3k or close to 4k rpms for it to shift, the heat will not blow but ac blows cold he said the truck overheats at times..i dropped the transmission pan to take a look and found metal shavings and shards-picture attached, im thinking im gonna have to drop the transmission but would like any input or thoughts on what i should do since moneys tight. thanks for ur time

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  2. rileyjr16

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    Dang its making quarters now? I want that truck. Since you have metal shards and shavings I think that rules out the solenoids. Not sure maybe someone can enlighten or make more sense.
  3. dipstick

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    Rebuild time..cost more than a quarter.

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