95 silverado turn signal problem

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by minivan25, Sep 6, 2009.

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    I currently own a 95 k1500 and over the last six months have replaced the left rear turn signal backing plate (what the bulb plugs into) 3 times. Initially it intermittently works and burns out. I was thinking it was a short but this last week the other right side did the same. Any suggestions.
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    I would try to isolate what the problem is. Get a voltmeter/multimeter in there and check to see what's happening and at what voltage. Check for shorts by using a multimeter's continuity/resistance setting to see if maybe you can at least rule that out. Check for ground shorts/faults with every possible circumstance... turn, hazards, left turn only, right turn only, with parking lights on, etc etc. I would try every combination to see where the problem lies. Pay attention to voltage as well. You should be able to find your problem that way. Once you find the problem work your way back from it.

    Having a tow light harness? Check for frayed/burned/shorted wires. Fuses all still good? Check voltage there to see if it matches what you found out in back. Maybe it's time to get a new turn signal relay?

    Good luck,
  3. minivan25

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    thanks for the advice I'm going to takle it this weekend.

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