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    hey guys,
    my 96 has been being pain lately. 150xxx miles in a k2500 8600gvwr. my year and a half of beating the thing finally caught up to me. i was playing in some mud and i ended up stripping the distributer gear. i replaced the whole distributer with a new cap and rotor. im 80% sure i have it in the right tooth and it is turned so the wires are perpendicular to the motor. i did not replace the plugs or wires because they only have 10,000 miles on them. so any way now the thing will pop and spudder when i accelerate sometimes. even if i let it warm up a little. and it feels like it does not have the power it should when i punch it from a stop, when im driving and it down shifts to pass or whatever it is fine. i borrowed one of them scanners from advanced auto and it said the timing was -21* to - 27* at idle. there's no codes by the way. when i punch it it will go any where from -7* to +7* right away then back to as far as -37*. all the sensors seam to be working according to this scanner. the other thing is when its idleing it idles rough and if i punch it in park it like lags for just a second before it responds. i heard of a CPS relearn and a TPS relearn or whatever and also something with the cam timing but this scanner cant do that so i think i need a snap on programer or whatever there called. any help is greatly appreciated. thanks guys.
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    On these if you change dist. have to have a scan tool that will time or take it to a garage to time.
    Timing sets at 2 degree before of after tdc
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    I literary just got inside from doing just that. I had a buddy that's been working on these trucks for years help me out. thanks for the reply

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