96 Blazer sputtering after replacing gasket

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by 2009silverado, Dec 11, 2009.

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    Hey guy's. I have had some crappy luck with my 96 blazer lately. It kept overheating and then started losing water. So I started with the easy stuff. Replaced the Thermostat. Still lost water with overheating. Then I noticed the radiator was leaking...Replaced that. Totally unrelated but I also replaced the U-joints in the drive shaft around this same time cause the needle barrings were shot had that was a pain...Evidently you have to use a torch to melt the wax plugs out of the shaft to release the old u-joint. The I noticed the water pump was leaking. Replaced that to. Then it was leaking from somewhere down the motor poring down the bell-housing. After looking around I realized that under the air compressor was water so I bought a intake gasket set and replaced that. That was a pain and I had to pull the distributor out. I marked the rotor button to line it back up after re-installing it and the truck runs, WITH NO LEAKS! YEAH...But it seems to be sputtering at idle and when I floor it, it don't peal out like it would before but after it start going it smooths out. I guess it is a timing issue at this point. could I be one tooth off or something or would simple turning the distributor while running bring it back to running right...Here is some picks of the rebuild.
    1996 blazer 4.3 liter V-6

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    I would re-install the distributor to make sure it was correct. How did you set the initial timing? Any dtc codes?
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    I only marked the rotor button on the distributor and the back of the firewall. Once I put it back in I just lined it up with my marks..LOL...I no, crude way of doing things.

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