96' Express - Upper bushings - front brakes and front rotor removal

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  1. Just got myself a hightop 96' van for work. Needs some work done..first thing is the inside of the tires are worn to **** and they're only 2 years old.

    Looks like the upper-arm bushings are shot - how hard would these be to replace at home? Any videos or write ups? After thats done i'll get an alignment done asap.

    Next..a bit more easy to do...the front brakes are pretty worn. Guys a Meineke said they should have "full metallic" pads...they also said the PSI on my tires was 44 psi and should be at 35...the tires are rated for 50 psi...so i took their suggestion with a grain of salt....figured i'd run it by you all.

    Lastly, the rotors need to be turned, how difficult are these to pull off?

    Thats it for now, i'm sure i'll be back for more later lol...thanks all for the help.
  2. Ruffus

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    Just did a brake job on mine. Pretty straight forward. I went with new rotors, bearings & ceramic pads. Metallic are the factory offerings, but it's not mandatory for replacement. There are video's on youtube covering pickups, basically the same technique.

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