96 G1500 Savana (o2? PCM? wiring?)... [Expired Topic]

Discussion in 'Chevy Express Forum (GMC Savana)' started by bac512, Jul 30, 2009.

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  1. bac512

    bac512 New Member

    I've got a 96 G1500, with a v8 5.7l 350.
    it had a radiator leak. the leak sprayed (for quite some time :oops:) on the PCM, and I guess the wires around it.
    Now (minor problem) when I have my headlights on, my left turn signal is stuck on, but it's fine if my headlights are off.

    Now, for the big problem. My Oxygen Sensor (Bank 2 sensor 1) reads 0.00 volts, and I'm getting a P0151.
    I've replaced the oxygen sensor with several others, and it still reads 0.00 volts.
    Bank 1 sensor 1 was reading 1.075 volts, I swapped it, no change, I took my pcm apart, and the board was covered with a wire powder (I'm assuming antifreeze got in, and shorted some of the circuits?) I cleaned it off. put it back together, B1S1 would read 1.075 till the car hit like 1500 rpm, then it would drop to around .6 then after driving for a bit, down to .1, and not bouncing around.... B2S1 still reading 0.00 every 10-20 seconds it would jump to .05, then back to 0.... I was stlil getting P0134 and P0131 (I think those were the codes? what ever, B1S1 lean, B1S1 high voltage, and B1S1 not responding)
    I unplugged all 4 sensors, and they all kept reading the same values!! (nothing steady, 'cept the 0.00, the others would move up and down a little....)
    (The whole time, the transmission would shift HARD causing the car to lurch a little)
    I took the pcm apart again, I sprayed it down with MAF sensor cleaner (yeah yeah yeah, it was the only electrical cleaner I had handy.) ANYWAYS, put it all back together, and B1S1 works, no more codes related to B1S1
    Now the car drives very very smooth, has alot of power, and pretty much runs perfectly, except B2S1 still reads 0.00 (though it did seem like it was popping up to .05 and .1 more alot more often.) and it shows a P0151 (which took about 15 minutes to show up...)
    and a little MORE info/problems. head gasket was leaking, I used some bars gasket fix, it seems to have fixed it (was hasitating/ majorly lacking power, but that's all gone now) and the fuel pressure (key on, engine off) is 52 (suppose to be 60) but after the pump shuts off, it still holds the pressure for atleast several minutes... I think it goes to 58 when running (suppose to be 66?)

    SO, my questions are:
    If the turn signal control by the PCM any, or do I need to look for a wiring issue?
    Which connector/pins on my PCM (16244210) is oxygen sensor b2s1
    (If anyone has it, could you please post the the entire pin out for all FIVE connectors on the PCM?)
  2. bill190

    bill190 Rockstar 100 Posts

    The ECM pinout information along with complete wiring diagrams for the vehicle and troubleshooting instructions would be in a GM Factory Service Manual set for your year/model vehicle.

    This will NOT have schematics of the PCM itself, but will have pinouts and a general description of operation. Then more descriptions of operation along with each sensor/device connected to the PCM.

    This also gives locations of everything in the vehicle. So you could look at the wiring diagram for the lights, then find where various connectors are located for those circuits and the books will give you pinout information for each connector.

    You can order a Factory Service Manuals set at helminc.com or a GM dealer.
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