96 K2500 Suburban Transfer Case?

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    I have a 96 K2500 Suburban push button 4x4 with the 7.4l

    We have had some issues with the transfer case, started last winter in the snow, I went into 4high for a snowstorm. After I dropped back down to 2high we began to have some popping noises in the drivetrain. It was not constant, but rather came and went. Seemed to be more common anytime after being in 4, and also if we hit a bump at highway speed.

    I was able to get it to stop by stopping, backing up a bit and shutting down the truck for a few minutes.

    A week ago I went to pick up my son and his wife and help them move. It began to really start to pop alot, especially on the hills. We got the truck home with the load, but I banned the truck to runs around town until I could diagnose and fix the problem.

    Then this last weekend it let go. Popped out, sound of gears grinding and no movement. Not forward, not reverse, not in 2 or 4. Engine and tranny seem fine, no driveshafts of the ground. I think we blew the tranfer case.

    Considering contacting local salvage yard to pick up a transfer case from a wreck and installing it. So a couple of questions.

    1) am I on the right path with the transfer case?
    2) I am sure I would need to get one with the push button 4x4 are there other fit considerations? Will only 96 work or is there some compatability between years?
    3) Looks to be a pretty easy job. I have not had anything out of this K2500 but I have pulled engines, trannys and transfer cases from some s10's and some jeeps. Other than being bigger and heavier is there any other worries I should consider?

    Would love some advice from others who have walked this road before me.


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