'96 Silverado starting problems

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by PRED888OR, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. PRED888OR

    PRED888OR New Member

    I have a 1996 Silverado 2dr extra cab 5.7 auto with switchable 2/4wd but after not driving it since just before Christmas it has suddenly stopped fireing up:grrrrrr:. It will turn over and almost bite after a second or so then it will just keep turning over. When I initially turn the key I can hear what I believe to be the fuel pump activating then thats it. There is a half tank of fuel showing, this I know to be correct as I put plenty in jus before I last used it.

    I am in the UK and really want to get back to driving my truck which I only really do on days off although with the recent bad winter weather we had it really came into its own and got me to work no probs:great:.

    If anyone can help with advice then that will be much appreciated, I am not that mechanically minded so keeping details simplified would be great:sign0173:.

    Thanks in anticipation.



    p.s. I have posted in another section so appologies, trying to get as much help as I can.
  2. Looey

    Looey Rockstar

    Welcome! Has the fuel filter ever been replaced? I would start there. Go with the easy stuff first...:)
  3. stephan

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    Have you tried or checked anything since we replied over at your other thread Steve??
  4. PRED888OR

    PRED888OR New Member


    I have had a technician look at my truck and he got it going :happy: but it does need a new starter motor he says. The one on the truck at the moment is not too well which is why it struggles to start, not turning over quick enough which is is why it didnt quite fire up.

    I have been told by my supplier here in the UK that there are two starter motors that might fit my truck, but I cant tell from looking under the truck or by looking in my Haynes manual which model I should have. The Haynes manual I have is actually for a 99 to 02. HAYNES MANUAL.jpg

    Do any of you guys in the US know of a manual for my vehicle please?

    I went for a run in my truck, great to hear that sound again.

    Thanks again for any help you guys can give.

  5. stephan

    stephan Rockstar 4 Years 5000 Posts

    Hey Steve, I don't know which manual would be best to get for your truck. Different people prefer different manuals. Chiltons, Haynes, they're all good.
    Why is your parts supplier having trouble deciding which starter fits your truck? He shouldn't make you figure out which starter is the correct one. It should say this in his parts book.
  6. murdog94

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    If you do Ebay i would actually buy the year specific GM tech manuals. You can usually get them for around $100 US. or less, and i know shipping may be a bit, but they are worth every penny since they have part#s and just about anything you will want to know or replace in the book. they are usually a couple Thousand pages compared to a couple hundred.. But that is my preference since i know im getting all the info i should really need.
  7. PRED888OR

    PRED888OR New Member


    For some reason they seem to think it could be a 1.6kw unit or the smaller version which is a 1.7kw unit.

    I'll look up on e-bay US and see what I can find on tech manuals. Does anyone here have any idea on a part number? I believe it would be an AC Delco unit but thats about it.

    Thanks for youyr replys gents.


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