96 Suburban k1500 Shocks Brakes

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by Dr_Zero, Jan 25, 2009.

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    I got the shocks and brakes done on the Burb and I tell you what the way new shocks affect the handling is amaizing. You drive youre ride everyday so you dont notice the slow degrade in performance, but once the new ones are on WOW!

    I know many people swear on Bilstein shocks and I had considered them but they didnt have what I wanted for the rear and many said the front would be too stiff.

    So for the rear I went in with Monroe Sensatrac Part No. 58612 with the load leveling coil over springs.

    I carry extra weight due to the truck vault and the occasional towing so these worked out great, and as a side benefit it raised the rear a good 2-3 inches LOL

    For the front I went back to the Bilstein but instead opted to try some Monroe Monro-Matic Plus Shock Part No. 32263 instead of the Sensatrac.
    The truck is 4wd and I do drive down some rough roads and also some highway and this shock looked to be a good compromise since Im not a 4wheeler.

    The new front shocks really stiffened up the ride and increased the front end height some also.

    This was a relatively cheap project but the pay off has been great! The handling is much better and those washboard roads dont beat you to death anymore.

    Shocks are one of the most neglected parts on most vehicles but they really can make a ton of improvement!
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    i agree a good set of shocks makes a world of difference. when i put my Rancho RS9000Xs on the GMC it made an amazing difference

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