96 suburban rearview mirror temperature sensor probe

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    I searched the forum, but came up empty. I found a 96 Suburban at the junkyard with an intact rearview temperature/compass mirror. I snagged it (model GNTX-140) and some other parts for only $22.50. I got all the wiring and the mirror plug that goes from the mirror to the fusebox, but unfortunately, the front end had already been picked clean. I found what could be the temp sensor laying in the truck among scrap parts, but I'm not sure 1) if this is a temp sensor, )2 if it is, whether it belongs to the Suburban or another vehicle, 3) how to connect it to the mirror. The 3 wires from the possible temp sensor/probe are dark green, light green, and blue. The 4 wires from the mirror are orange, light green, pink, and black. Pics of the part I'm describing are attached.
    temp sensor suburban 2 small.JPG

    temp sensor wires suburban small.JPG temp sensor suburban small.JPG



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