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    Hey, I just got a nice pair of 6x9 spears and i would like to put them into the rear of my suburban, but the stock speakers for the roof in the rear are 4x10 and i was wondering if there is any adapters or if i need to cut out the metal that the speakers attach to? I would rather not have to remove the headliner, because i dont mind if they stick out an inch or two... any suggestions? thansks
  2. EvilNetwork

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    There are 4X10 to 6X9 adapters available but they were generally made for vehicles such as the mid 80's Monte Carlo's, Cutlass Supreme etc that had the 4X10's in the rear deck. In addition, the depth on 6X9 magnets used to be marginally more than 4X10's which makes doing an external install kind of awkward. You're better off replacing them with an aftermarket model. Crutchfield still carries some.

  3. Project1

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    sounds like its time to grab the grinder :yipi: you could build spacers also outa wood or somthing

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