96 Tahoe Brake Issues

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  1. Conlan Rose

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    So on Monday I a shop swapped in my "new" rear carrier and in the process of dissembling the drums they broke the hardware on the driver side as well as found my adjusters were stuck. As needed they replaced the hardware they broke and installed new adjusters, but they did not adjust the rear brakes in the slightest. Also some how it seems air was let in to the system because when I apply the brakes the petal starts to apply lightly then goes halfway down with no resistance and finally begins to apply the brakes more harshly almost reaching the floor to stop. It also feels like they are being applied unevenly. The parking brake does nothing since the pads are not close enough to the drum and because of the air in the system its not possible to lightly brake backwards to adjust them.

    I only assume air was let in because my master cylinder is less than a year old as are the front calipers. The pads all around are about 2 years old and look to still have about another 2 years of pad left. The tech said that one of my rear brake wheel cylinders was acting up a bit, but I told him not to play with it if it wasn't going to be an issue. I will try to bleed the brakes either today or next week. Currently I'm not actually driving the truck because I'm waiting on my new y-pipe and sensors to come in.
  2. Conlan Rose

    Conlan Rose Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    So today I preformed what I hoped would be the last of the needed brake work on my truck. Well it didnt fix the issue. My brakes are firmer now with a new master, new rear wheel cylinders and now freshly bled. But still after the first 1/4 of travel the petal just sinks to the floor applying no extra pressure until 3/4 of the way down where it begins to apply again and full stop is almost at the bottom of travel.

    When we first bled the system the brakes were acting great and the petal was perfect. After only a short drive it went right back to crap.

    There is no air in the system anymore that I can tell and everything seems to be working as it should, the petal just keeps sinking. Any ideas please I want this brake issue fixed and over already.
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    JB6 brakes? Are you able to manually adjust the drums?

    Bleeding these trucks can be tricky, I've wound up having to re-bleed after master cylinder swaps. Best way I've found to do a good bleed is with a pressure bleeder.

    If one of the wheel cylinders looked iffy- it could have a worn seal and is letting new air in after you bleed it. For 12 bucks you may just want to swap it out.

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