97 350 Vortec need motor(I think)

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by 97silverado4X4, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. 97silverado4X4

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    Hello, I'm new to the forum but I will definitely be around because my truck is getting old and I'll be looking for parts and advice in the future. My problem right now is I lost the motor I think. I was going down the interstate when the motor cut off. I was luckily right at an exit and made it to the top of the ramp. Then it wouldn't start, so I held the gas to the floor and after a long time it started. I made a bonzai run for the house but it cut off again and would not start and was making a lot of funny screeching, grinding noises. I towed it to the house and when I started looking at things I immediately found that the radiator was empty, but it hadn't leaked out. I pulled the oil dipstick and it was full all the way to the seal with what looked like chocolate milk. After further checking, I discovered that I had blown an intake gasket and leaked all the coolant into the oil. My question for you guys is two-fold, first-should I bother trying to rebuild my motor(it has 262,000 miles), or second, if I should look for a new motor, where can I find one cheap? I lost my job and am living on savings, limited credit, and unemployment from the state. I had someone tell me that since I ran it after it cut itself off automatically, that the coolant in the crankcase while running probably damaged some or all of the lower end bearings. Is this true? Please help.
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    If your up to it, you may be able to squeeze some more life out of the engine by just changing the intake manifold gasket. 262k miles isn't too bad before having to change one of them. I would deffinatley change all the fluids that could have been contaminated. If your doing it yourself I think the total parts cost was around 40 dollars when we did ours, which would appeal to me in your situation.
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    Since you are on limited funds, I would just get some new gaskets. If the engine is shot, you may not truely be able to find out unless you completely tear it apart, on the other hand, a 350 can take a beating and it should be fine if you completely drain everything and put in new headgaskets. I would rather be out a hundred bucks in gaskets and parts then to tear into the motor and find that its perfect and you have now wasted more money and time. then when you get back on your feet replace the engine.
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    I'd just spend the cash for a engine. After coolant has gotten to the bearings like that and plus you say you hear screeching noises and so on, I'd say it is shot.

    I can get you motor, but your looking at 1,000+ for decent one.
    PM me if your interested.

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