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    hey all just joined the forum to find help with my blazer. Ok so my 4x4 has stopped working. last year i replaced the front differential and it worked all winter but when i tried it this year, nothing.

    when i push the 4x4 button (both high and low) i can hear the motor and feel the transfer case kick in but the front tires do not lock in.

    I read in another post that if you pull the wire that is under the battery tray and it locks in then it is the vacuum system. I took a pic of this. I pulled the wire and locked it in with vice grips but the 4x4 still did not engage.

    I have also taken pictures of the vacuum lines I have found. the one off the back of the engine goes to the tee. it splits and one runs to the transfer case and the other goes no where and is blocked off at the end.

    there is also another vacuum line that is seemingly tied up to the transmission fluid tube that also goes nowhere and is blocked off.

    if anyone can help it would be appreciated. Or is anyone knows of a good mechanic in the cleveland area pass that on to me.

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