97 Cadillac DeVille

Discussion in 'Other GM Cars' started by 2COR517, Jul 16, 2009.

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    Have a chance to buy a 97 Caddy with 150K, pretty sure its the DeVille, not SeVille. Has the Northstar V8. Hasn't been driven since before last winter, been waiting for the For Sale sign. Body & interior are in good shape. Handles fine, good tires, brakes feel fantastic. AC doesn't work, and the SES light is on. Engine has a dead spot on acceleration, but once she gets going, hold on. I have two friends that have owned several of these. All were well over 200K. I can buy for much less than KBB Private Party, Fair Condition.

    Any thoughts, or things to check over?
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    Scan it and you'll find your flat spot. The A/C probably has a leak somewhere. The Northstar system when it debuted was in a class by itself, way ahead of it's time.

    One of the cool things about the Northstar <pun intended> is you can drain the radiator and drive the vehicle without it overheating and damaging the engine. The computer will see the engine start to overheat and go into failsafe. When this happens the engine starts running on 4 cylinders. It then alternates cylinders firing on one while using the non firing cylinder to 'air cool'. Then it switches so a cylinder will fire once then take it's turn on the non firing stroke to cool. The car can be driven to a repair shop in this condition with no engine damage. The GM computer system is still way ahead of Japanese and European systems even today.
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    I spoke to the owner this morning. He said he pulled a P1660 code. He also said that's an O2 sensor, but I looked it up online and it shows cooling circuit. This may also explain the AC not working, though the dash said Refrig is low. I will have to check that with my gauges. I have a friend with a scanner and he is going to check it out for me. Anyone familiar with this? Also, we couldn't get the headlights on. It's a nice car, but I don't want to buy an electrical gremlin.

    Many thanks, Palmer
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    You can access the computer through the message center and get almost as much info as if you had a scanner attached. You hold down two buttons Off and Warmer or something like that and it will go into diagnostic mode. Google it and you can see how to do it or look in the factory manal if you can get your hands on one.

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