97 K1500 ECM problem ?

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by dsquared, Nov 4, 2009.

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    I have a 97 K1500 with 226K miles and a couple weeks ago the check engine llight came on. I went to Autozone and pulled the code which was 0753, 2nd gear solenoid circuit. Since I put in a GM certa transmission about a year ago I went back to the dealer because they would replace the solenoid under warranty. They replaced the solenoid but they could not clear the code because they said there is a feedback circuit in the ECM (PCM) that causes the fault. The trans shifts fine but every now and then I get serging on hard accelerations from stopped position, more prevelent when warm. I assumed the GM tech checked the wiring harness for bad connections or shorts. Has anyone experienced this before ? Is it a matter of some bad solder joints inside the unit I could reflow again ? If not what would be the cheapest option for replacement ? Dealer wants $525 for replacement and reprogram. The ser# on the PCM is 16229684.
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    The dealer can EASILY clear any and all codes from the computer. If, after they clear the codes, the code comes back, the issue has not yet been resolved. If you have a warranty on the tranny, get 'em to clear the codes and prove it's fixed.
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    The technician at the dealer says that the problem is with the ECM, not the tranny. He replaced the 2nd gear solenoid under warranty but didn't fix the problem. So it's either in the wiring harness or the ECM. Since I assumed he checked the wiring harness it leaves the ECM as the problem.

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