97 Silverado - Mysterious Short

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    1997 1/2 ton Silverado 350 Ext Cab Auto

    This truck has a mysterious short, it began about two months ago. The short will drain the battery within 1-2 days. A local shop is having issues finding the short, they have checked the battery, there is no Engine light coming on, the alternator works fine, and there is no draw when it's first turned off.

    Oddly, and probably a coincidence, but the first time this happened was after another shop did some checking of the air bag system (the Airbag light was coming on).

    Are there any known (mysterious) electrical issues with this model year?

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.

    Tom Finlay
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    The best way I know to find your short is by installing a volt meter or test light in series with the battery, if you have voltage or the light glows you have a draw on the battery, start removing fuses one at a time to isolate the circiut that is causing the draw, after you have identfied the circuit you will need to start disconnecting the componets on that circuit and observing the draw, if removing the componets from the circuit does not stop the draw it is most likely a wire shorting to ground, time to start looking for the shorted wire. A common place for shorts on older vehicles in in the flloor area where water can attack the harness and cause corrision.

    Good Luck
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    Those all sound like good and easy-to-do tips, so I'll start there. Many thanks! :glasses:

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