97 Tahoe Turn Signal Clicking Noise

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  1. lgsmith10

    lgsmith10 New Member

    My turn signal switch makes noise as if a turn signal is on even when the lever is in neutral. There doesn't seem to be any correlation between steering wheel position, cruise control or windshield wiper usage. All functions work but the noise is very distracting and occurs frequently. I had a recent problem with the hazard lights coming on when I signaled for a right turn. The left turn signal didn't cause this problem. I found a loose connection at the right turn signal light and fixed it which solved the hazard lights coming on problem but the noise is still there. I have seen some posts on this subject but I have not been able to see any solutions. I have replaced the hazard/turn signal flasher which has not solved the problem. I would appreciate any ideas. Does it sound like replacing the turn signal switch will work solve it?
  2. Jimmiee

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    What happens if you pull out the flasher? Does it still tick? How about the 4 way flasher? does it still tick?
  3. lgsmith10

    lgsmith10 New Member

    With the flasher assembly out, there is no sound and of course nothing works. With the flasher assembly in and the hazard lights turned on the sound is normal and the flashers work. When I turn the flashers off, there is no immediate sound and everything appears to be normal. When a turn signal is turned on, the sound is normal until I turn it off. The turn signal sound continues but the turn signal light goes off. All the lights and sounds work normally when the turn signal or flasher is turned on. When I turn the signal off is when I get the random and frequent sounds but the turn signals or flashers themselves do not come on. I appreciate your help.
  4. Jimmiee

    Jimmiee Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Next step is to isolate where the problem is coming from. See if the clicking stops when you step on the brake. If so I would look closely at the rear tail light assemblies for corrosion where the plug plugs in.

    If the clicking still happens with the brake lights on then see if it stops by turning on the front park lights. If it stops clicking look closely at the connections there.

    Something is grounding out causing the clicking. It may be in the turn signal switch but I would cover the easy stuff before tackling the switch.

    Any aftermarket brake controller or trailer plug?
  5. lgsmith10

    lgsmith10 New Member

    Thanks, I'll try those things. It did come with a U-Haul 4 prong plug that I haven't given any thought to. If the other steps don't work, what should I look for at the U-Haul plug?

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