97 vortec motor clogged lifters?

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by ninjaneer911, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. ninjaneer911

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    Hey guys, first post for a newbie.
    I put heads on my 5.7 ltr after it ran hot. like a fool i did not replace the lifters/pushrods. I went to adjust the lifters while the motor was running and noticed that three rocker arms on one side had very little oil flow. Also no oil pressure is registering on the dash, but i thought it was only the sending unit. Does this mean ive just got clogged lifters? Can i just replace those lifters that have low flow? Will an oil additive clear them up if i let it run or drive it gently? I havent did the final adjustment while running, will the the lifters being torqued to much cause the oil flow to be very low? Im scared to let it run even to adjust them to find out..

    Advice.. please...
  2. Scott_Anderson

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    I'd start by verifying your oil pressure, or lack there of. Hook yourself up a mechanical guage to verify exactly where you are at with the pressure, even if only for diagnostic testing, then replace your sending unit if it's bad.
    If you have no pressure, you aren't going to fill the lifters, and you have other problems that need attention.
    Once you get your oil flowing, you can try some "cleaning" materials in the oil to flush the lifters and try to clean them up without removing them.
  3. ninjaneer911

    ninjaneer911 New Member

    Ok guys, heres the lowdown..

    First i changed the oil, filter, and added a detergent to the oil. Next i changed out the Oil Sending Unit and did get a good pressure reading. Finally i adusted the lash, while running... and viola, oil at each lifter was allowing flow like a young mans prostate :Y

    I will add that the lifters will not pee properly if the rocker arm has been tightened down too far! As i backed off some of the leaner ones, they began to pour like the rest! Also, the ones i had tightened approximately a full turn were in fact straining the motor. It runs sooo much easier and smoother now.


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