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    hello new to this forum.. i have a 98 suburban that i've had for about 7 years don't use it much.. it has had battery issues in the past since it just sits there ..just recently the doors locks stopped working ... the driver door works perfect all the other doors lock but won't unlock...i push the button and i can here a click under the dash .some kind of relay ... i hear that relay when pushing the lock and the unlock button . i have read some other threads that mention the door lock actuators .. could this be a possibility all the actuator go out at once . well except the driver door .. if anybody has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated... thanks in advanced
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    Welcome to the site. A good starting point is the actuators as they are a common culprit but I must admit 3 out of 4 actuators going out at the same time is weird. I think the odds are too high of that happening. To be honest, I'm not sure what would cause 3 of them to stop working. I also have a 98 suburban but have never had any issues with the locks and/or actuators... Hopefully someone will chime in that has experienced this before. Greg
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    I had a similiar problem in my 97 Suburban, the difference was all the power locks failed after the truck sat for a few months.
    After checking circuits with a multi meter I found the system had very high resistance readings, further testing with a good ground and hotwire I rigged with a pushbutton switch revealed the locks worked correctly.
    So I traced each door wire harness back through the body and cleaned all the connectors of corrosion and coated with dialectric grease.

    The end result was the doorlocks worked correctly and I repaired full speed/power to 2 windows that I had thought the motors were dead or dying on.
    Dont forget to clean contacts on the individual door lock and window switchs also.

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