98 Silverado Steering Wheel Vibration 60+ mph

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by chabunga, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. chabunga

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    Hello, I have a 98 Silverado 4x4. 100,000 plus miles. Sometimes when I get around 60 mph on the highway the steering wheel will vibrate back and forth violently. Happened today on the interstate, scared the crap out of me. If I slow down under 50 mph it stops. It doesn't happen all the time. From reading other posts here, I had the front end aligned and replaced the shocks. Still does it. Took it to a respected garage (where alignment was done) and they said it's the idler and pitman and it will cost $400. How can I be sure they are correct? I don't want to drop $400 and still have the problem. I have noticed that when my tires are low, it's more of a problem. And a couple of times when I started the truck to leave a parking lot the power steering was very sluggish. So I'm wondering is there a problem in the power steering that is causing this? So I'm hoping there are other 98 Silverado owners out there who have had the same problem and can provide some insight on how to identify the problem. Thanks in advance. Emmett

    DAREDEVIL Rockstar 4 Years 1000 Posts

    Probably lost a weight on your wheel..go get them checked & balanced ! IMO
  3. stephan

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    You can check your pitman & idler arms yourself, so then you'll know if they're lying to you. Lay under the truck (no need to have it running) & have someone turn the wheel back & forth short distances. Watch them & see if the joints have play in them. You can also replace these yourself IF they are bad.
  4. Looey

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    If you've been running the tires underinflated for too long they're probably junk now. You likely have a belt separating in one or both.
  5. Big_Ben

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    I have this same issue with my 04 silverado. I recently rotated the tires myself (a month ago) and topped up the power steering fluid as it was low (two weeks ago). Then about a week ago I started noticing this. It's not too violent but a definite shimmy sometimes and then it goes away.

    I'm thinking (and hoping) for mine it's a balance issue due to rotating tires myself and not having them balanced. Have you tried getting them balanced yet?
  6. Spogatz

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    If a tire is not out of balance then you may have uneven tire wear on one of your tires. It could be a simple as a bald spot where you locked up your brakes at one time. If the front end is not lined up right you could get cupping on the tread that could also do this.

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