98 Suburban Brake pad size.

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    So I have a bit of a tough one.

    I drive a Holden suburban ( Chevy Suburban imported to aus, based on the 95 Chev model I understand)

    Its a 4wd K1500 with the 5.7 vortec and I am looking into a new set of brake pads and rotors.

    The rotors part is easy but the pads is an issue, not due to finding them but which ones i need, My mechanic has been looking into it but there are 2 different sizes available for my model.

    a 76.5mm pad (3.01 inches)

    or a 85.6mm high pad (3.37 inches) and I cannot find any information on which i need as these cars are fairly rare in Australia and It looks like the only option may be to take out the exisiting pads to find out.

    Is there any other way i can tell?

    Thanks heaps guys.

    EDIT: I have the JB6 Brake option.
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    VIN number and call the dealer they will be able to tell you by your vin number


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