98 z-71 help!!!

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by popcorn501, May 21, 2011.

  1. popcorn501

    popcorn501 New Member

    I got a 98 z-71 and the problem is the little orange light that is the auto trans indactor flashes off sometime while driving and it kills my cruise and a/c compressor. i know it has to be electrical but was think maybe someone else had seen this before and could put me right on it instead of wasting alot of time trying to hunt the problem down. thanks
  2. maddog2028

    maddog2028 New Member

    if i were in your shoes i would take it to a qualified gm mechanic and have him take a look. idk about you but when it comes to electrical problems i dont like to try to tackle it without knowing exactly whats wrong, cause nowadays when it comes to electronics, if you screw up one thing, youve most likely screwed up another!
  3. popcorn501

    popcorn501 New Member

    Fixing it myself isnt a problem,i can find it if i take my time and look it all over,i just figured maybe someone else had seen this before and could save me alot of time. Im a diesel mechanic so the last thing im going to do is take it to someone else. But thanks for the advice.

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