98 Z71 4L60E no 1st or OD when hot

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by cm98SILVER, Aug 15, 2009.

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    I have a 98 Chevy Z71 4L60E and there is no 1st gear or OD after it heats up. I can manuallly shift thru the gears. When cold all gears are there, or after the truck has been turned off gears will shift for a couple of minutes. The diagnostic tool says "Shift Solenoid". How many are there, 2 or 4, and which one do I need, or should all be replaced? There was no code number that came up, just the words. Do I have to drop the pan, filter and valve body to get to the solenoids, where are they?

    Transmission service, flush, drain, new filter has already been done.

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    There are 3 solenoids which give you 4 gears. Shift solenoid A is on in first and fourth. So if SSA is bad you loos first and fourth. It's probably not a bad idea to change all 3 but it's up to you. Changing SSA should corect the problem. Keep in mind a bad connection or wire in the harness can also cause this problem. Take a good look at the wires both inside and outside the trans.

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