99 2wd suburban with Sarona body kit ground clearance issue!!!Please help new member

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    I am a new member, was searching on the net and called at summitracing for some options
    to lift my 1999 2wd C1500 chevy suburban. I have installed a Sarona body kit, and I am having a huge
    ground clearance issue now. I only have 3 inch of clearance between the lowest trim of the front bumper and the ground!
    I know that there are body lift kit and suspension lift kit.

    I would like to know wich one is the more cost effective? Some suppliers says that over 3 inch you need a upper control arms lift kit and
    new shocks. Some others says the same thing after 2.5 inch lift!?

    Then, how much ground clearance should I need to stop rubbing the bumper? I measure my camaro front lip to the ground and it's about
    7 inch? With that said, would I need a 4 inch lift to get the same ground clearance of my camaro???

    I am in a hurry to do the lift because I want to store my truck in my garage for the winter and I can't even bring it in my driveway...

    Any help would be really appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,
  2. ahm1127

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    Your not offroading it so a body lift will be fine, just make sure all body bushings are in good shape. You will be able to fit bigger tires under truck wich will also make the truck higher.
    Good luck

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