99 Burb A/C compressor R&R

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  1. desertmule

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    Hey guys,

    First post here..

    I believe my AC compressor has gone out.. A week ago I tried giving the sytem a charge without any positive results.. Today I noticed the compressor clutch wouldn't engage.. I could jumper the switch at the accumulator (PS firewall/canister thing) and it would kick in.. Still no cold air..

    I bought a gauge set.. Low pressure side was high and high pressure side was low.. Adding R134a didn't help anything.. Still no cold air.Does this sound like a bad compressor?

    If so, are there any special tricks or procedures besides bolting in a new one and recharging? Should I replace any other parts while the system is open?

    William :sign0144:
  2. unplugged

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    You will need a vacuum pump to evacuate air/moisture from the system. Receiver/dryer and the orifice tube are "must" replace items. Depending on your experience level you may want to leave this to the pros.

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