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Discussion in 'GM Diesel & DuraMax' started by jknee, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. jknee

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    Hi all , I am from australia , I have a 99 diesel suburban it has done 300000 km had it since new been great . but just of late it will just stop on me while driving , all i have to do is throw it in N and it will start again straight away evan at 100 kms , mechanic here cannot find out why and it does not leave any information on the comp . Any one had the same problem or have a idea how to fix it , Regards John
  2. grimreapersshadow

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    you change the fuel filter recently? also check your ground/postive cables real well them side terminals are know to hold corrosion in them and spread down the cable till it wont pass any juice to were it needs to go
  3. leprachaun

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    well its a 6.5 turbo diesel, the biggest main most frusterating problem i had it on my old truck same problem as yours, is the PMD ( pump mount driver) failing, this causes an intermittent stalling of the truck, usually being able to re-start after a few seconds. sometimes with the case of mine if the PMD is really bad it gets so hot the truck will not restart, on your truck it should be located on the driver side of the injector pump, its the small black box with 4 torx bits holding it in place, you may have to pull the intake manifols to remove it, I know i had to lol. since there is no real way to test a PMD it is just better to replace it, since it is a main source of headaches on 6.5's. in my oopinion what i would do is buy the heath diesel PMD relocation kit costs about 500$ nut comes with a 7 year warranty, adn is way way better then a stock one becasue it moves it out of the engine bay so it wont overheat anymore. hope this is helpful in anyway
  4. leprachaun

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  5. jknee

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    Thanks for your help , i have just ordered a new pmd relocation part this will be the third one it has had on it . I love the car just frustrating when it stops and also spend a lot of time in the outback of australia ,lucky so far it has not stoped out there . Again thanks for your help it is much appreached John
  6. leprachaun

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    no problem

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