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  1. silverado82481

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    Im looking into lifting my suburban. has any one cranked up their tortion bars up to lift the front before???? I have had heard from a few that it works as long as you dont over do it. I know im not getting 4 inches out of the tortion bars. but is that safe to do?

    I have also read some horror storied about how a lift will Screw up your ball joints. No matter how high you go. Im not sure if this information is correct or not. I was looking for a 6 inch lift till i read some of the storied.

    So what are you using to lift these beasts. what have you used, any problems with that perticular lift??
  2. Bogel

    Bogel New Member

    My experience with lifting any truck/suv, You are always going to put extra stress on front end components. If done right and you get a alignment afterwards you may not even notice. There are so many factors to this though, ie; tire size, where you drive, ect...

    Me personally I would not shoot for anything like 3 inches but maybe 1-1.5, and I think that would be safe.

    My 78 f150 6 inch supsension lift, I changed tierods once in a two year period I broke more u-joints than anything to be honest. (Driveline angles were extremely out of wack had to drop the transfer case).

    So in my opinion if you want to get extreme height, go with a proper lift. Leveling torsion bars are fine.

    I'm not a expert just my own opinion on the subject.

    interesting read on the subject: http://www.dieselplace.com/forum/76.../276136-truth-about-lifting-torsion-bars.html
  3. vncj96

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    your better off leaving the torsion bars alone especially on a suburban(your passengers will thank you), you can fit 285/75/16 (32.8) on there with no lift if you just want a little bigger tire. But if you truly are looking for a good lift, go to www.roughcountry.com they have a 2-3, a 4 and a 6 inch lift for 1500 suburbans reasonably priced

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