99 silverado 1500 heater core

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  1. twostickmutt

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    it smells like i have to change my heater core (and steams like) in my 99 silverado. where the heater hoses connect to the core on the firewall it looks like plastic fittings they connect to. after the hoses are off will the 2 plastic pieces pull off of the core or how do they come off. it looks like the core wont pull out of the firewall with those on or am i missing something here. thanks for any help.*
  2. Coach24

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    Normally the core comes out through the passenger compartment. Look for C-clips on the backside of hose nipples.

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  3. twostickmutt

    twostickmutt New Member

    thanks for the reply coach. what i was wondering was where the heater hoses go on to the core are they 2 plastic quick connects that the hoses go on and if so do they just pull off of the heater core itself. was wondering if one of those maybe leaking into the heater core box.
  4. Coach24

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    hard to say if they are leaking. best thing is rent or borrow a pressure tester and that will surely pin point your leak

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