99 Silverado Cluster Problems

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by 99_Silverado, Oct 3, 2013.

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    I have a 99 Silverado with over 140,000 and a little while back the odometer started flickering and would go off and on. Then it got to the point where it mostly stayed off or would read 388,607 but would not keep counting the miles. Now if it comes up at all it reads all zeros and is in kilometers instead of miles. Now the most recent thing is the tach, speedo, and fuel gauge along with my 4x4, cruise, and high beam light staying on all the time. The cruise still works as well as the 4x4 and the high beams are not on. If I start it and then shut it off, the three lights will go out but as soon as I restart or open my door the lights come back on. When the 4x4, cruise, and high beam lights are on, the fuel gauge reads empty, the speedo is off, and the tach is way off from the actual engine speed. My idle is normally at 500 and now the tach will read 1000. When actually driving the tach will read between 3500 and 4000 before shifting and if I jump on it the tach will peg out and sit there but the engine doesn't sound like it is at those rpms. For the most part I hear I need a whole new cluster but I've also heard that it could be my ignition switch or possibly a vehicle speed sensor. I don't really want to put a lot of money into it but it needs to be fixed. Has anyone had this problem? Solutions and cost? Any help is much appreciated.
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    cluster problems are common. The stepper motors are bad. For a while GM would replace the cluster for free (to like 80k miles I think). Some on here replace the stepper motors or you can just swap out the instrument cluster.
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    search the web, there is a place in texas that I know a few people that have shipped their clusters to and they are happy. They charge $125 for a complete rebuild, bulbs, stepper motors, power supply. His turn around is a day. So, if you ship it to him monday you could have it back by Friday. The folks I know that did it just used their phone or gps for their speedo and made sure that their gas tanks were full all week. PM me if you can not find the place, I can give you the name.

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