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    You all may not think this is as cool as I do but we all know back in 1999 the technology was not as advanced as it is today. Well I have a 1999 Silverado 1500 z71 ext cab. Great truck I am into the older body style but there was one thing from the new body styles I wanted to have on my truck, LED mirrors, ya know the ones that have the arrows the blink with the blinkers. Well I found some used ones off an 05 duramax and got them for 80 bucks. I knew going into this project that the LEDs wouldnt just plug in little did I know that the power mirror plug was different also, shoulda known. Well I have all the wire colors for truck and for mirror for anyone else looking to do this mod to there truck. Posting this will hopefully help someone else out there to do this mod seeing that I search all over on every silverado forum and never found anything.

    For my year truck (1999) these are the wire colors to power the mirrors (left, right, up, down)

    (Drivers Side) (Passenger Side)
    Direction One - Light Blue, Direction One - Red with White Stripe
    Direction Two - Light Green, Direction Two - Purple with White
    Motor Common - Yellow (There are Two of these), Motor Common - White (There are Two of these,wire together - same for drive side)

    For the mirrors I put on truck which are 05 mirrors these are the colors to power the LEDs.

    (Drivers Side) (Passenger Side)
    Signal Power - Gray Black Stripe, Signal Power - Gray Black Stripe
    Signal Ground - Brown Black Stripe, Signal Ground - Brown Black Stripe

    After figuring that out this was the hard part, thankfully I had the Silverado bible for my truck year, all three volumes. First I ran the wires through the boots in the doors that connect to the body of the truck and let me tell ya that was a bitch to do. Then was trial and error to figure out how to make them blink with the blinkers. You cant just wire the blinkers on the mirrors into the blinkers on the truck seeing that they are also marker lights and when the lights come on at night the mirrors will stay on also. Looking in the book I found the gauge cluster and found the wires that lead from the arrows in the cluster, seeing as they only come on when the hazards are on or the left or right blinker come on with the switch. The book tells you that the dark blue wire and the light blue wires come from the left and right arrows.

    (Guage Cluster)

    Right Arrow - Light Blue
    Left Arrow - Dark Blue

    Hook the Drivers Side power into the light blue wire leading into the guage cluster and the passerger side arrow into the dark blue wire and hook the ground together and find a nice ground to hook them too. Sounds pretty straight forward and if it was I wouldnt have posted this on there. Hopefully this helps someone looking to put LED mirrors on the 99 to 02 body style trucks a hell of a lot easier and not having to tear the mirrors apart to see which wire does which like I did. Let me know what you guys think and if you guys want pictures let me know and Ill post some.
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    This is a very good how to.

    I love my power w/led mirrors:glasses:

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