99' Silverado not going into gear

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by pacaguy, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. pacaguy

    pacaguy New Member

    I currentley have have a 99' with a 01' 5.3 engine and matching automatic transmission that was recently installed. the issue at hand, drove fine at normal speed then while in in drive it slipped out of gear, fell back in gear, then a mile down the road it would not go into any gear as if it was in neutral. I have checked the fluid even though it did leak some transmission fluid out "after" I had it towed and it is a bit over the mark on the dip stick. I checked the shift cable and it is moving the gear lever on the transmission.

    One note, the 4wd selector switch on the dash is blinking if I try to put into auto 4wd or 4wd hi or lo ( it does not blink when in 2wd mode). I also know that my actuator to the transfer case is shot. I guess what I'm curious about is if the selector switch could have thrown the transmission into a flat neutral ? I jsut cannot under stand why it would drive fine then just have no gearing. Thanks in advance.
  2. zigger215

    zigger215 New Member

    Your transmission is shot. Common issue. That's a 4L60e transmission and they are garbage unfortunately.
  3. j cat

    j cat Active Member

    I would not say these have garbage transmissions. what they did have was defective transmission fluid . dexron III is the main reason these transmissions do have wear issues after many years and miles of use.

    I would bring to a transmission shop for proper diagnosis. over filling is not good. with air bubbles in the fluid it will fail quickly.

    if you do repair this make sure you use synthetic or dexron VI. not dexron III !
  4. shibby2oo8

    shibby2oo8 New Member

    Whoa dont jump to conclusions here. The encoder motor may be stuck inbetween gears and the tcase is in nuetral causeing no power transfer. With the truck in park try to see if it will roll and if not start it if and if nogo put in park and see if it rolls again. Do you know if the new trans is any good? Also the 4l60e is a good trans when taken care of, i did a mild shift kit to boost line pressure and delete/ soften accumulators to prolong clutch life. The only issue is the sunshell may crack if you reverse to hard or with a big load in reverse but not a prob if you are aware.
  5. Bowtied

    Bowtied Member

    do the 04's have the 4L60e trans? (stock with dexron iii?)
  6. pacaguy

    pacaguy New Member

    I'll try the rocking idea. I do find it odd that there wasn't any indication that the trans was going out.
    I did do one one odd thing, with thd key in the on position, I twisted the drive shaft back and forth while in 2wd . I noticed that the front shaft going to the front axle was moving also, secondly I tried the dashboard switch and it would stay in the 2wd position and would not go into either 4wd hi/Lo or auto 4wd.
  7. zigger215

    zigger215 New Member

    Yes they do. I can never be convinced of the worth of the 4L60e...all my GM trucks (I have had more than what is listed on my profile) have had the 60e transmission go out at around 90,000 miles, my dad and brother in law have experienced the same with theirs...and my truck is in immaculate mechanical condition and driven very kindly....same with my bro in laws and my dads.
  8. Bowtied

    Bowtied Member

    well dammit, thats a shame because im experiencing hard shifts from my tranny in 2nd AND 3rd (albeit softer in 3rd and less profound) the shift from first to 2nd is like a damn garbage truck sometimes and there is a general malaise, or lack of response from the gas pedal to the transmission it sorta "lurches" around when i press on the gas(especially at low speeds), poor response at low speed and especially in stop and go traffic when there is constant shifting in the lower gears (only comparing it to my previous 01 f150's transmission got that truck @ 100k and the transmission was perfect.)
  9. j cat

    j cat Active Member

    yes in 2004 and up to 2006 gm used this dexron III. now it is removed from the approved fluids list and no longer is manufactured under the GM spec.

    I have had no tranmission issues/leaks etc but I removed this fluid when my vehicles had about 20,ooomi and 1.5 yrs on them from day one new. the 1996 still works great with no issues. you do not get that gray color on the stick with synthetics. dexron III eats at the metal.

    on the sunshell they sure did make alot of defective ones. these had improperly heat treated metal very brittle so they will crack. if you have alot of miles with no failure then you most likely got a good one.
  10. zigger215

    zigger215 New Member

    Yea they had major cooling issues, when I had my last tranny go out I just had them build up the 4L60e, tranny cooler, Borg Warner internals. The works. I love it now.
  11. pacaguy

    pacaguy New Member

    Not to sound rude, I'd really like to stay on topic . If someone has any other ideas I am open to checking them out. I will be looking into the encoder with my transmission guy. The trans that I had installed only had 60 k on it and was running without incidence until just last week when it died.
    Keep up the great ideas ! I'm just not ready to think its the actual trans that died, rather something simpler .
  12. j cat

    j cat Active Member

    to understand this better how did you come to this point with these issues.

    your vehicle only had a tranmission failure so you got a scrap yard replacement. the drive train had no other issues ? if this is the case then the installer must have screwed up something. these wires to the transfercase are very fragile.

    the other possiblity would be the rear dif with this drop out of drive traction.
  13. pacaguy

    pacaguy New Member

    Well I'm going the dead trans route, even my mechanic thinks its dead. So I've gone for another scrap yard trans and crossing my fingers. This time I've taken it to an actual mechanic to do the the replacement. I do know I've got some weird electrical problem ( I think I have a bad ground ) . I'll look into that after I get the truck back. Plus I need to replace the 4wd actuator . My mechanic showed power going to it but its not engaging. I'm glad Summit Racing has them in stock for $71 , their also local for me so I can pick it up.
  14. j cat

    j cat Active Member

    the locking actuator is on the front diff. the encoder is on the transfercase.

    the fluid in the transfercase should be blue. GM tracII fluid. dexron transmission fluid is not the correct fluid.

    your mechanic if with the correct tools to troubleshoot this should have given you the drivetrain failure code [gm specific code reader] to tell you/him whats wrong. if he lacks these tools go elsewhere.
  15. zigger215

    zigger215 New Member

    Unfortunately these failed 4L60e trannys are common...it's to bad the continue putting them in select GM products.
  16. Conlan Rose

    Conlan Rose Super Moderator

    They keep using them because they are a solid tranyy when taken care of. I have my factory one in my 96 with 198,000+ miles on it and I have 0 problems.

    Back to the problem at hand, I agree with [MENTION=39185]j cat[/MENTION] that they should be able to tell you what is basically wrong just through trouble codes. Also they should've been able to tell what was wrong with the tranny from codes.
  17. j cat

    j cat Active Member

    I guess it is possible in Alaska the cold dark winters have an effect on the drive train. synthetic fluids have a better flow in cold. I found this out a long time ago when it was 6 deg f and on starting out the transmission shifted perfectly. I found that with dexron III the shifting was very slow and not firm. meaning low pressures slippage.

    down in the normal winter weather temps here these usually last 200,ooomi. with proper care and the correct fluid/filter replacements.

    when you get a scrap yard tranny it is a crap shoot. the installer must flush out all the lines/rad/coolers that pass the fluid. also do not stess out those fragile wires and not break any connectors or forget grounds.
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  18. Conlan Rose

    Conlan Rose Super Moderator

    I'm wondering how much this junk yard tranny is costing him and how much he paid for the first. It cost about 2,200 for a brand new 4L65e tranny which is the slightly strengthened version of the 4L60e. if your paying over that price for those two trannys you should just buy the new one from GM that will last a long time.
  19. buckmeister2

    buckmeister2 New Member

    like you, z, i have owned a lot of chevy 1500's...96,97,97,99,99,2001,2001,2002. now, i have another 2001. ALL were bought with 40K + on the clock, and all were driven to at least 110K, some as high as 230K. 1 trans rebuilt, total, period. not sure why you and your family experience such trouble, but i have no problems at all with the 4l60e. do you tow??? perhaps you overload your tranny's, maybe???

    anyway, not picking trouble, just wanted to stress the other side of the story, too
  20. pacaguy

    pacaguy New Member

    I paid 800 for the trans. I was fortunate that I bought the 90 day warranty for an extra 5 bucks as the first one did fail.
    My trans guy been doing replacements for 20 years. He's good at what he does.
    He also caught another glitch, the speedo was doing the wobble dance on the dash, he's replacing the speed sensor.

    This truck was definitely abused before I got my hands on it, my fault for not going over it with a fine tooth comb before I laid down the cash for it.

    The transfer case did have red liquid in it, which I drained out and then hit the inside with some compressed air to blow out any extra liquid. I then replaced it with the correct trac II blue transfer case liquid, best place to get is Summit Racing, good price.

    As for towing, no. It will be used for that later on. It died driving under regular driving conditions .

    I'll update when " crusher" gets back to my garage .

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