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    HELP! I just purchased a 1999 Suburban with the barn doors 1500 series. I am the 4th owner, vehicle has only 136000 miles and looks and runs great. Just a perfectionist and would like to get all options and functions working like from factory. Questions I have pertain to electrical. 1) Do the front overhead controls light up on the '99, do the rear controls have lights? If yes how do I access the panel(s)? 2) Electric door locks work on the drivers side but not the passenger side. 3) Electric door lock does not work on the rear barn doors. I checked fuses (cleaned connectors on the barn doors) with no results. 4) Is the main light switch also supposed to be lighted? 5) Station selector buttons in radio do not light, all else works fine. Does radio have to be removed and internal bulb replaced? Is there a fuse I missed on any of the issues I mentioned? I have a Haynes manual (and am not really satisfied with it) find GM manuals better but also more $. How does the Chilton stack up as a reliable and useful tool? Thanks for any input.
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    Wow. Welcome to the Club, and the word of 'Burb.

    1) No lights that I recall (mine don't light up, anyway) The front has a screw in the leading edge, toward the windshield. Undo that, and the unit slide down and forward, as there are tabs that slide into the ceiling at the back edge. There are a number of plugs to disconnect once the console is down. The rear is a little trickier - the plastic bezel snaps into the metal flange that holds the controls, and the metal flange has tabs that twist/fold to the headliner. Real pain. Go slow.

    2) The lock actuators are known to crap out. There are aftermarket replacements, but I have kids that don't mind crawling across to unlock the other door:) 3) I don't know about the cargo doors, but I bet it's the same...

    4) I don't recall the light switch being lighted; again, my doesn't

    5) The backlighting on the radio is also a known issue. They are little led's, and not field serviceable. There are companies who do the repair; try the net.

    If half of the locks are working, then it's not the fuse.

    Good luck,
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    Thanks to all for response. As soon as it gets warm enough (Wisconsin) I will start checking out further on you replies. Born and raised GM! Worked back in the late '60's and '70s' for a GM Dealer as gopher, grounds keeper, new & used car prep and eventually mechanic. Got used to the GM manuals but expensive! Been away from the field for a while but never quite got over the grease under the nails and satisfaction of getting something to work properly.

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    I agree on everything, but my main lightswitch lights up !!! lol

    and these are the ones i used...work great !!!!!
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    Checked my O/H console and carefully used a screwdriver to get control panel(s) down. Both front and rear controls are lighted. Manual say to use a 168 bulb--too big, actual bulb is a #74, bayonette style bulb (like the 194 only smaller). Have not taken dash apart yet to check/fix light switch for burned out bulb. Will try this W/E when I replace radio (broken knob and no light in button area). Looks like an easy switch. May have to get to dealer to have help with the theft control feature, if active on radio. Have not tied into the door lock issue yet! Another W/E!
    Thanks for all the help on my post. Mike
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    Good to hear you're making progress, Mike. Of course, now I have to take all of my stuff apart to figure out why it doesn't light up...

    For the radio, do a search of the net. There are a couple of by-the-number lists on how to reset the LOC feature on the stereo, without a dealer fee.

    Good luck,

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