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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by lisabeall, Apr 29, 2011.

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    was driving mu 99 suburban up a mountain the other day and it lost all power...almost like it shut off and started free wheeling. cut truck off, for about 10 min. and went again for a few min just fine. then the process started all over. I have a snap on diagnostic computer and codes po 122 tp or app sensor 1 1345 ckp cmp correlation prob. will someone please help me?????
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    no.. no work has been done to motor of truck and yes it is the 5.7 4 wheel drive. I just dont know what to do. power stering is leaking so today i got electric cleaner and cleaned connections. so far truck only does this when it is hot outside that I know of. I have drove it 2 times when it was under 50 and raining and it did not do this but i drove it when it was 80 and i didnt think i was going to make it home.
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    no ckeck engine light was on. I do not know if the bulb is out. yes we cleared the codes. the machine is a code scanner. the codes for the crank cam corrolation came back on. there is a lot of miles on truck I only drive it. now i have nothing. i just dont know about this. my son unhooked the crank sen. and truck wont run. he unhooked cam sen and it sort of sounds like it did trying to go up mountain. but would that make it loose tran? I just put the new tran in a couple of mo.s age. and no tran codes. just the collition and some old o2 that are fixed.

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    i wish you could call me. i am going crazy with this truck.
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    the very first time it happened my son changed the fuel filter. I drove it a couple of days in the cool then it got hot again and did it again. My scanner showes a tran code of tran to full...I did that on accident. It was a rebuilt tran. This time the engine acted like it was running out of gas at that point and then went into free wheel. Thinking back now the motor would rev up like a stuck throttle for about a week before this happened. I am going to get a new cap rotor button and I guess the sensor under the cap in two weeks when I get paid again.I will try and find someone to do those tests that you sent to me tonight. Thanks for your help.
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    free wheel like tran not working but motor was not reved up motor acted lke out of gas. missfiring, no power. husband out there now. 240-412-3770

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    when truck was reving up it was in park and suck. sorry

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