99 Suburban 1500 - where is blower motor resistor?

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    And how do I get to it? The front blower suddenly started blowing high regardless of the dial setting. Then it evolved to blowing varying speeds regardless of the dial setting. We have gotten it shut off by carefully finding a "magic spot" somewhere on the dial.

    All my research indicates it could be several things, but the most likely problem is a bad blower motor resistor. But a few questions:

    1. Am finding multiple ways recommended to get to it - take the whole instrument panel off, just access it thru the glove box, take the large black plastic cover off under the IP in front of the passenger seat. Cann anybody tell me for certain? The IP removal seems to be overkill, plus aren't a lot of things connected to it, or is it just a cover? I took the glove box off (see image below). Is the resistor what is circled in red? There is a screw/bolt on either side, similar to the part I picked up at NAPA.

    glove box pic.jpg

    2. About the part (see other image) - can anyone tell if that is the right part? The reason I ask is that what I think is the resistor has a connector coming into the top from the HVAC wire harness. That looks as tho it matches the large connector in the part. But where does the small connector coming off the resistor hook to? Guy at the store told me this was for my year and model.

    resistor part.JPG

    Thanks in advance.

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