99 suburban 2500 torsion squeaking.

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  1. raposak

    raposak New Member

    I believe my torsion bar is squeaking something fierce at the frame side. I didn't notice any bushings so it must be metal on metal. Any idea how to fix this? I tried spraying some white lithium grease which helped a little but its still there and annoying. Any help is appreciated.
  2. mwa3c

    mwa3c New Member

    The key could be damaged or worn to the point that it is allowing the bar to move inside. You might want to remove the torsion bar and inspect the key and the bar end to make sure it is not worn and / or loose. It should not be moving / rotating inside the key.

    Also, it could be that the bar has sagged enough that now the suspension is resting on the bump stops and unloading the stress on the bar end enough to allow it to twist back some, then wen pressure is applied it is loading up again causing the squeak..

    But, if i were you, and this annoyed me enough, i would just order 2 new bars and 2 new keys. Rent the torsion key unloading tool from a local "parts place" though when you do this as you don't want the key snapping your direction when it reaches the end of the threads!

    Key (set of 2 - Moog) MOOG Part # can be found on Rock Auto.
    I can't find the torsion bar though.. anyone got a line on new bars?



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