99 Suburban 350 no spark

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by michael smith, Jul 15, 2009.

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    Would like to say Hello to all looks like a great site with lots of good information. Okay here is the issue, my neighbor is having a no start, no spark condition in her 99 Suburban it has the 350 in it. I used a spark tester and also pulled a plug and ground it on the manifold and there was no spark. So I checked Cap and rotor looks real old and she said she never replaced in the 7 yrs she has had it, also checked to see if distributer was turning and it is, it has very little side to side movement if any so not sure if it is the dizzy. I replaced the cap and rotor and the hall effect sensor on the dizzy and still no spark. After doing a search on here I did see it could be the ignition module or possibly the coil I do not have a repair manuel on this vehicle to check these components and dont want her to just throw money at parts that may not be the problem. Does anyone here know the proper procedures for checking the ignition module and coil for this vehicle? or have any ideas for this vehicles no spark condition. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    What you need to do is check the codes in the PCM and see what the problem is. Chances are it will tell you.
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    You should be abel to take a volt meter to the electrical wire going into the coil to see if ti is getting juice from the battery. If you have power going in but no spark, probably the coil. If no juice to the coil could be fuse or short somewhere. It would be worth spending 20 dollars on a repair manual though.
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    Did not check for codes as the cel light was not on but that doesnt mean there are no stored codes. I will check for codes tomorrow when I have time. I will check the power into the coil to see if its getting the 12v into the coil. I do not have a manuel for the vehicle as its not my vehicle I will ask my neighbor if she wants to buy one. Thanks for the help.

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