99 suburban audio project - speaker wire cut, missing speakers, amp power

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    Hey guys. New to the forum but planning on being here alot. Starting on my c1500 suburban. I 5hink im going to need a lot of input to get this working right. Here is what im dealing with:

    Power on the stock deck the car came with only plays sound from the passenger tweeter, driver tweeter, driver front speaker, and half power in toprear right speaker. Buttons on the deck dont really work and has cd player on the head with an aditional cdplayer only underneath the heater control unit that does not work.

    Here is my hunch: the car came with premium sound. Someone ripped it out of the front and back doors. The next owner strted to put in new speakers in the front door and ran some wire underneath to carpet to the 2nd row seat left.

    I bought a cheap Boss aftermarket radio with a dash adapter and stock to aftermarket wireharness. After hooking the new head up I have the same issues with the speakers. Pulled of the passenger front door panel and the wiring was not hooked up to the front speaker easy fix. Found a ( what I think is oem because it uses the same splicing style as oem) monster cable crossover spliced to the rear speaker wire bebind the head unit. Cut that $h!* right out right behind were it is spliced maintaining the oem speaker wire intact.

    Pulled off the 2nd row door panels discovered some ripped the speakers clear off the panel. Also found the toprear left tweeter has been ripped off the speaker. There is a cut in the 2nd row carpet on the driver side of the car (left) with these cables comi g out of it: (4) wires for 2 speakers, 8 gauge power wire, 8 gauge ground wire, remote wire that is spliced into a wire right behind the head.

    So I got a 300w amp and hooked the wire from the 2nd row up and no change. Then I realized the power wire isnt hooked to the battery, pretty sure somewhere it is cut. The right 2nd row speaker wire pkug has been c7t off so I hooked up a speaker to test and nada.

    This is what I got from work to solve the issue. 400w 4 channel amp for front and 2nd row speakers. 1600w hiphonics 2 channel amp. New 10 foot 6 gauge ground wire with fuse block and 5 120a fuses. 10ft 8 gauge kicker power wire with capsule fuse block. 2 farat capacitor with power wires already running to the amps. 2 12" kicker subs in 28"x14"x 14" enclosure. 2 10" kenwood subs in a custom encloser that fits jjst perfectly in the compartment behind the 2nd row. 2 4x6 boss 300w max speakers.

    I have found the stock amp (mounted right of steering column), and after reading the forum have decided it sucks. Some other forums say you can wire the blu to pink dark blue to tan and splice I the remote wire to something else (that isnt exactly what they say so please dont wire your amp like that). But I think I just want to eliminate that amp all together.

    Since my front twweters and speakers are working and sound great from the head unit. Im thinking ill run new wire to the 2nd row and top rear speakers first into the 400w amp and the straight into the head unit. Here is a problem. My head unit right now only has 1 set of coaxle rear speaker out plugs that run to under the seat. I want to splice that off into 2 so I can run that into the 1600w amp and the 400w amp. I found a 1 female- 2 male coaxle wires at bestbuy for 20 bucks. Then ill set the frequencys on the 400w amp for highs while the 1600w is running the lows. Thrn ill hook up the new power and ground wires to the capacitor and BOOM good sound right?

    So my questions are:
    Power wire under the truck or through the firewall?
    Upgrade the alternator to a k2500 for 100a instead of 60a or do you think a 2 farat capacitor is enough?
    Wtf do you think those speaker wires are for under the 2nd row seat?
    Do you think it is worth pulling the carpet to find were the power/ ground wires are going?
    Since ive already eliminated the extra cd player under the heater control is there something I can replace it with that would be cool?
    Am I just a mad chevy audio scientist or am I really to blame for wanted some decent sound in the rig?
    Where shoukd I hide my wires (specifically the top rear and 2nd row door speaker wires) run along the lrft or the right?
    Any and all suggestions are welcome. Getting 50 ft of speaker wire tomorrow.

    Congradulations! Youve read this far on a newbie's post. You will now be awarded with a promise to post tons of informational pictures for me to show off this mind $h!* project for my awesome rig.

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