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    I have a 5.7L Suburban with 180,000 miles, and I have a pinhole leak in my radiator. Where is the model number on the radiator? I need to determine which one I need to buy to replace it. There are too many listed on NAPA, AutoZone, etc. and I'm not sure which one to get.

  2. cbdbcbdb

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    I found the UPC sticker on the radiator (pass. side about 5 inches below the radiator cap). NAPA was able to look it up.

    I hope this job is as easy as others have said. I'm replacing my radiator, hoses, T-stat, and water pump.

    This is my first time using this site and it has been very helpful so far.
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    If you can measure the height, width and thickness (within say about 1/2 inch), that should be enough to get the right radiator (standard or heavy duty). They might also need to know if the vehicle has A/C and other standard items. If you can find the UPC code for the radiator easily, that would be best if that is what they told you they would need.

    Also, should be able to find out which radiator it is based on RPO codes from the sticker in the glove box. You just need to find out which of the 60 or so codes is for the radiator and a list of what the codes mean (can be found online).
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    Sticker location was right on, Thanks Ed
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