99 Tahoe Dome light door switch problem

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by Badbrad10, Dec 11, 2009.

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    I have a 1999 Tahoe Z56 Police edition- no remote door lock FOB. PROBLEM was my interior door handle snapped off. I removed the door panel/ parlty- left window/mirror/door lock switches attached. Drove to the Dealer and pickedup new interior door handle. I left the truck running and retuned and when shutting the door the door chime/buzzer continued and interior dome lights stayed on. Dash light switch override worked in turning off the dome light, but the door chime/buzzer remained. I drove home and and removed the interiors door power window/ locks/mirrors switches but door chime / buzzer continued. I assume it was the drivers door light switch remaining open. Where the hell is it. I cannot see anything in the door, unless I remove the inside door handle again ( now re-revited on) and remove the interior black metal panel plate bolted to the inside of the door to look in at the guts of the door. Where is the interior door dome light switch. Do I have to remove the door latch ? I have searched the form sites here, lots of Q & A on dome light switches, doors locks etc, but no description where to find it. Also my inside new door handle lock slide button is very stiff and does not unlock or lock with the power Door switch Thanks for your help. Brad- New member- first post.
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    Welcome to the site, Brad!

    The door switch is in the side of the dash, between the fuse door and the vent; It sticks out about 3/4 inch. There is also a plug that goes in the door panel for the switch to rest against. If either is missing or damaged, it could keep the chime running.

    For your door lock, there is a little hole in the lock slide for the lock rod to sit. If you misalign that hole while putting the door back together, it kinda works, but fights you. If I remember, there is enough wiggle room to get a tool under the lock slide, then move the slide until the rod pops back in. You shouldn't have to take the handle apart again.

    Good luck, and post some pictures of you Po-Po ride!

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