99 Yukon 5.7 No Oil Pressure Wont Start

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    My brother has a 99 GMC Yukon. The symptoms were initially engine knocking sounds and low to no oil pressure. Made it home and now It won't start.

    Need help as soon as possible please.

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    Well there's no need to tell you how to fix your starting problems if it was knocking with low to NO oil pressure. You need to find out why there is no oil pressure & why it's knocking.

    It's either knocking because there is no oil pressure or,

    There's no oil pressure because the bearings are worn out.

    Both of these require dropping the oil pan. Drop the pan & pull the oil pump off first & see if the pressure relief valve & spring is stuck open causing the no/low pressure situation. Secondly I would take the pump apart and see if the gears are worn out. Before you pull the gears out of the body you need to scribe or mark them as these gears are indexed & need to be put back with the appropriate teeth matching each other if it is good enough to reuse.
    If it shows either of these faults Replace It. If the pump is bad you will need to pull some of the rod & main caps off & see if this has caused damage to the bearings & crankshaft. If it has post back & we will walk you through what to do next...

    edit*** in case you think you need to start it to check the oil pressure with a manual pressure guage, you don't. You will only do more damage by running it.
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