99 yukon shifts hard 1st to 2nd

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by mrpyromaniac, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. mrpyromaniac

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    I have a 99 Yukon, around 133k, just replaced the ujoints. The truck still shifts hard between first and second gear, sometimes hard, sometimes not bad at all. Trans fluid is fine, when I changed the ujoints, I discovered some play in the transfer case when turning each axle. A slight clicking sound like there was play in the gears. Would this cause the truck to shift hard between 1st and 2nd or is something else a problem? Thanks...
  2. mjalstad

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    Get it scanned for codes. A lot of transmission codes will not make your check engine light come on. My truck shifts really hard and I never knew why until I decided to check for codes even though my check engine light wasn't on. I ended up finding a P0748 I think which was PC Solenoid circuit. Because the PC Solenoid is not working, the computer automatically demands maximum line pressure which is causing my hard shifts.
  3. Jimmiee

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    Yes many codes never turn on the Check Engine Light. Don't drive your truck too long without fixing the code or the high line pressure can cause your sun-shell to break. Once this happens you will have no reverse and no 4th gear.
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    When was the tranny last serviced? Might be something that simple.

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