'99 Yukon Steering CLUNK

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by mojo1, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. mojo1

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    I have a 99 Yukon SLT 4dr 4x4 5.7L.
    When making a hard, (to the end of the steering rack) right or left turn, forward or reverse I get an egg shape rolling sensation in varying degrees and most times something seems to "load up" then releases with a hard clunk, again in varying degrees of intensity.

    A few people have looked at it and of course everyone checks all the usual front end things, but nothing seems worn or broken.

    The truck seems to handle OK and the tire wear is normal.

    I took it to a tranny/suspension shop and after demonstrating to them the problem, they wanted to change the CV's and all the fluids for a cool $1400 - with no guarantee that will fix the problem.
    BTW rebuilt CV's go for about $185 around here.

    My regular mech (who I trust) is not convinced it's the CV's, but isn't sure on how to proceed with this.
    He did pull the driver side cv and it seemed ok. Have NOT pulled passenger side (yet)
    Hes doing the same thing I am now, hunting around on web forums looking for possible answers.
    Any help would be welcome
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  2. Gmcsuvguy

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    Are you in 4X4? Don't turn so sharp and wa-la fixed! There is always an easy fix to everything...:rofl:
  3. mojo1

    mojo1 New Member

    No this is in 2WD.

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