A/c and heater squeak

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by Cheez, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Cheez

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    So the other day I was sitting at a red light with nothing on except the air conditioner. I noticed this annoying ticking/squeaking noise. I tracked down the problem to my air conditioner. It was on the lowest setting and it seems like the blower was squeaking. It turns out it does it on the heater too. Louisiana winters let me figure that out, heat in the morning, air in the evening. I'm extremely picky about dash squeaks and this is driving me crazy. Anybody else have this problem or a solution to it?
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    My brother had the same problem on his 92 gMC

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    My brother had the same problem on his 92 GMC. Turned out to be the blower motor (don't remember costs) but they're a pain in the ass. Idk what kind of truck you have but in his you had to take the glovebox out and become a contortionist just to get the rubber boot/cover thing off lol.

    Sorry about the double post. Accidentally sent and I cant edit with my iPod... Damn thing haha
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    Mine is a 2004 Silverado. I don't think it's going out. It still blows just fine. It's almost like a belt is slipping or something. I'm not sure if they even use belts...
  4. 4x4squared

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    This one worked perfect too it'd just squeak then after a while it squeal so loud you couldn't stand to have it even on low. His was just a little squeak on high then it just got louder and louder but it still blew air. I'm 99% sure it's your problem.
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    Se f you can get a little dab of oil into the blower wheel. It may help elieve your stress
  6. Cujonaut

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    I get a noise when I turn on my heater or air conditioner, but it comes from the engine and not the cab. Every minute or so I'll hear a loud click and then a whirring noise for a minute or so. My brother the mechanic said it was the AC compressor kicking on, but it still does it even if the AC is off and regardless of the vent position I'm on. (shrug) go figure.

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