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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by fploof, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. fploof

    fploof New Member

    I have a 2001 2500 8.1L Suburban. My mechanic said the a/c compressor sensor is broken and it can't be repalced thus I need a new compressor. Is this true?
  2. dpeter

    dpeter Rockstar 4 Years 500 Posts

    Kind of vague. I am not sure there are any sensors in the compressor and the only wires I have ever seen hooked to one were to control the clutch. I'd ask him to be more specific about what was broke.
  3. Crawdaddy

    Crawdaddy has no brakes Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    Up until about a week ago, I had never seen a sensor on a compressor. But, on my cousin's 94 burb, there indeed was a switch on the top rear of the compressor housing, that seems like it would be non user-replaceable. I'm not sure if the newer trucks use the same compressor or a similar one also with this switch. I also don't know what the switch is for, but it's there and hooked up on his truck.
  4. Chris Miller

    Chris Miller Rockstar 100 Posts

    They're user-replaceable, but you have to drain the freon first. The sensors are held in with simple snap rings.

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