A/C problem. Need help.

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    The compressor comes on but no air blows out the vents @ a stand still. Now, when I'm driving on the hwy or @ a good amount of speed. I get some air blowing out the vent...... I checked the fuses & tried changing out the resistor. I looked to change the fan motor but, I'm not sure that i want to do that without being 100% that it's the fan motor... My other thought would be maybe my freon is low?:confused:
  2. kennyb79

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    if your refridgerant is low it won't blow. trying getting a can and adding to it, the autoparts store can help you out
  3. SurrealOne

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    Sound advice. I'd recommend getting the kind with the dye in it, because if it's low, it went somwhere ... and if (when) it gets low, again, the dye will help you find that somewhere.
  4. dpeter

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    The OP said compressor was running but not blowing, whatever that means. If compressor is running then refrigerant charge is not likely a problem. I suspect it is the interior blower that is not working for him and Freon has no bearing on its operation. Get a volt meter or test light and see if you have power to the blower when switched on. If so, replace the blower motor if not, start working back from there.
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    06GMCSIERRA New Member

    @ dpeter, it has power to the blower motor.. I'm going to change out the motor. Thanks!
  6. dsfloyd

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    This is what I am thinking as well.

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