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    I am having a A/C problem on a 1996 chevy suburban. The A/C is not blowing cold air and compressor is not engaging. I First check pressure on low side which read zero. I charge the system with the ac on full and pressure is at 35 with hardly any of the can so I knew the compressor was not engaging. So I check the accumulator by passenger side and it gets voltage when I hit the AC button. so then I check the wire that leads to front of AC compressor by the pully and I dont see any volatage going to there with everything on. There is also a some wires going to the backside of the compressor but I did not check those yet. Any ideas on what to check to see if I can get the AC clutch to engage. - Thanks for any advice
  2. a lot of times you can unplug the connector at the acumulator and insert a jumper wire into the wire harness it is only a 2 pin connector that should cycle the compressor , you may have a bad low pressure sw. or low on a charge still 35 pounds at 75-85 degrees outside temp. sound good though.
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    You can normally hear the compressor click when you have someone turn the AC on from inside the truck. Check to see if there's a bunch of metal particles stuck in/on the compressor . It's a clutch that goes bad and won't engage. Happened on my 95. I put a new compressor on and it was good to go. Unless I'm not understanding what's goin on here. :neutral:

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