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    Got an A/C issue on my recently bought '99 Tahoe (5.7). While looking it over I noticed a green stain on top of the A/C compressor. Didn't think much of it until I noticed the A/C wasn't cooling as well as it should. Took another look and on top of the compressor there are two black screw caps on the front and left sides of what I assume is some type of coolant valve. (R-134a conversion maybe?) The front fitting appears to be leaking a bit under the cap. Never worked on A/C equipment before and really don't want to with all the high-pressure fittings and stuff. Easy fix or new compressor?
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    A/C compressor

    I'd say go and get a new compressor, unless you've got some serious skills when it comes to A/C repair. I own a 95 tahoe and the A/C compressor is a peice of junk so when it goes out (which it has twice in two years) I just go and have the dealership replace it. basically what you have to do to fix it is: 1, let all of the coolant out of your lines; 2, diconnect the compressor; 3, rebuild the compressor or replace it; 4,blow all of the crap out of the coolant lines (I guess they do that with compressed air); 5, reconnect the compressor; 6, refill all of your coolant lines; and my favorite, 7, test it all out by running the A/C and hope that you dont spring a leak or blow up the compressor.

    now I've never actually done this so I couldn't exactly guide you through the process. But if I were you, I'd just get the thing replaced and get a warranty on the new one, so that way if you have any problems with the new one, getting it fixed is free (except for labor costs of course).

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