A/C question 98 Tahoe 2dr 5.7

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by bagger, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. bagger

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    On a cold start A/C comes right on. Cold air. After driving shutting down for 10min to 30 mins and getting back in A/C doesn't come on right away. 3-5 mins after driving then cold air blows again. A/C doesn't cycle noticely while it is working.

    Any thoughts 98 Tahoe 1.jpg
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  2. Gryphon

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    Top off your refrigerant. Easy to do, just pick up a can with a hose at a parts store, get your engine to running temp with the ac full blast, hook up the hose, turn the can upside down and open the valve. Give it all it will take and you should be fine.

    If your engine bay looks anything like the outside of your truck, that should be it. Do be sure to check your belt though. I have a leaky shraeder valve on my Burb, so I refill once a year. I'll fix it eventually...when I can afford a full evac and service!
  3. bagger

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    Thanks, I swapped out the low pressure switch and I works fine now.

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