a cou0ple of idler arm R&R tips -- '98 K1500 Suburban

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by MrShorty, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. MrShorty

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    I just finished replacing the idler arm/bracket on my Suburban. Followed the instructions in Haynes and did just fine. Just thought I'd post a couple of tips I learned while doing the job.

    1) I saw a lot of comments around that net that indicated that most people fail to get a pitman arm puller to go onto the relay rod when separating the idler arm from the relay rod. At first, I didn't think my pitman arm puller would fit, but I decided to try a little "persuasion." I positioned the puller where it should slide into place, then used a hammer to lightly tap it sideways. It slid right into place, which made separating the idler arm/relay rod simple.

    2) The bolts that hold the "bracket" to the frame are not attached to the frame. They will spin once the nuts are loose, but there are access holes on the opposite side of the frame so you can get a socket onto the bolt heads. One thing I was afraid of was having those bolts fall out and get "lost" inside the frame rail, so I put some sockets on each bolt to try to hold them each in place while the nuts were off.

    3) I decided to replace the "bracket" rather than try to separate the idler arm from the bracket, since it had to come out anyway.

    Hope these help someone down the road.
  2. silveradotrailblazer

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    How long did it take from start to finish??
  3. MrShorty

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    It took me about 2 hours, but my grease gun seems to be dying so it took me 30 minutes to pump grease into them (should only take a couple of minutes to grease these things really). If I did it a few more times, I could probably do it in about and hour.

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